Brothers and sisters, the Holy Spirit has guided you here. This is the only place in the world with the answer to the most enigmatic time-period passages in the Bible:

These and other Bible verses all point to Jesus' glorious return to earth in 25 years.

The Folly of Premillennial Dispensationalism

Below is the cover from a book that I found in my grandfather's collection. It was published in AD 1919, and is in the public domain now. I'm glad to say that my grandfather never subscribed to Premillennial Dispensationalist nonsense—he was simply a bibliophile.

Reprinted below is a fold-out chart from the book, which diagrams the convoluted Premillennial Dispensationalist interpretation of the book of Revelation. It is a fanciful version of "THE LIE," as summarized in my Timeline chart.

Please note that the two thousand years since Jesus' ministry, takes up only the small left-hand side, "Mystery of the Church," portion of the chart below—all the interesting things under their paradigm happen after the Church is removed by the 'Rapture.'

Their comprehension problem stems from:

  • an inferiority complex due to the fact that they are non–Jews
  • an anti–Catholicism that causes them to discount the prophetic significance of anything that has happened on earth during the period in which most Christians are members of the Church of Rome
  • the ridiculous assumption that the Book of Revelation should be read in chronological sequence (i.e., that there are no repeating themes in the prophecy of Revelation)
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Have you ever wondered
about the meaning of the
Bible's reference to. . .

the Mark of the Beast?

the Image that Could Speak?

the Abomination that Causes Desolation?

the False Prophet?

the Falling Away?

the Resurrection of the Dead?

the Son of Perdition?

the Two Wings of an Eagle?

Fire Coming Down from Heaven?

The Fall of Babylon the Great?

the Number of the Beast?

the 1260 Days?

the Woman Fleeing Into the Wilderness?

the Thousand Year Reign of Christ?

the Two Horns Like a Lamb?

the 1290 Days and 1335 Days?

the Kingdom Thrown Into Darkness?

the Sign of the Son of Man in the Sky?