Brothers and sisters, the Holy Spirit has guided you here. This is the only place in the world with the answer to the most enigmatic time-period passages in the Bible:

These and other Bible verses all point to Jesus' glorious return to earth in 25 years.

The Mystery of Revelation 13:18 Revealed

What is the meaning of 666? Many have guessed, and their explanations are weak, convoluted, and wanting.

The truth is so simple: the Antichrist, Ali, died exactly six hundred and sixty-six years after the Christ was born, and the Antichrist’s heinous religion was institutionalized exactly six hundred and sixty-six years after Christ’s blessed ministry.

  • Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God Date Interval Date Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Son of Perdition
  • Incarnation of sinless zygote 6 BC AD 661 Assassination of violent dictator
  • Anointing by the Holy Spirit at His baptism. The Heavenly Father confirms, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

    AD 26


    AD 692
    Inscription of the Dome of the Rock composed by al-Malik; construction begun; Christians revolt and are crushed; Islamic monetary system introduced with a coin stating, "Muhammad is the Messenger of God."
  • Mid-point of final seven year period prophesied in Daniel 9:27. Resurrected from the dead, proof shown, ascension to Heaven.

    AD 30


    AD 696
    Mid-point of Dome of the Rock construction; the first Islamic gold coin is issued. It denies the Trinity, the Incarnation, and it calls for the new religion to prevail over all other religions.

  • Persecution of the Church and sending forth of Christ's Gospel from Jerusalem.
    AD 33


    AD 699
    Islamic currency reforms completed. Dome is gilded gold—symbolic sending forth of Ali's dream of a new world religion from Jerusalem.

This table is the fulfillment of this prophecy:

This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666. [Revelation 13:18, ESV]

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